Best Places to visit in Swat

Swat is also called ‘East Switzerland ‘because of its magnificent landscapes and with the red hut cottages that remind us Switzerland. Swat Valley is located in Khyber Phatunkhawa province of Pakistan. Tourist amazement is at its peak at every point of Swat valley. In Swat valley Tourists observe the unique combination of white and green surroundings made of the lush green forests and snowflakes all over the year but summer months from May to September is the best season to travel when a traveller can enjoy fishing and boating also.

Most gorgeous destination of swat are

  •      Kalam Valley
  •      Kumrat Valley
  •      Madyan
  •      Bahrain
  •      Marghazar
  •      Saidu Sharif
  •      Mahodand Lake
  •      Malam Jabba
  •      Fizaghat
  •      Kundol Lake

Kalam Valley

It is the most popular destination of swat which is the most mesmerizing and prominent spots of Swat and is 99 km away from the Swat Valley. Swat river with the richly green hills increases the beauty of the whole valley Thousands of the tourist visit this stunning point all over the world. Weather is cool and pleasant throughout this valley. Winter is harshly chilly here but April to September is the best season to travel in the beautiful valley. Significant points of this valley are

  • Matiltan, 
  • UshioUsho, 
  • Utror,
  • Gabral

Kumrat Valley

At the 9 hour drive from Islamabad the capital of Pakistan and 1 hoy drive from Swat there is beautiful valley of Kumrat which is located in Upper Dir district.  Stunning streams and beautiful waterfalls are main identity of this area. Camping in This is ideal location for adventure lovers but it also offer resorts and hotels for others. At 3 hours trekking in beautiful town. Kumrat valley welcomes its visitors with an enchanting view of the sky and one cannot skip even a second while gazing it for long. It is very good relaxing location for stressed people.
Stunning points of Kumrat valley are

  • Kala Chashma Lake
  • Jahaz Banda
  • Jandrai
  • trek to Katora Lake
  • Kalkot Banda
  • Badagoi Pass


The most beautiful hill station of Pakistan is Madyan which is located in Swat. Thousands of Tourists all over the world visit this stunning station and enjoy the freshness of fine-looking environment every year. Actual glamour of Swat River is at its peak in Madyan. Trout fish is the special gift of this area for food lovers.


Another stunning hill station of Swat is Bahrain. Combination of two rivers carries the beauty of this stunning destination to its peak and it is named Bahrain due to these two rivers. It is busy area for tourist point of view and has a lot of hotels so there is no issue of stay. This beautiful hill station is used as base camp for the trail leading to the Daral &S aidgai lakes. The tourist appeal to to this place because of its wonderful lakes and lovely weather, the winter is extremely cold here.


Marghazar is the small town of Swat. There is the a white Marble place in Marghazar which was built in 1940s by wali-e-Swat which makes this point historical now this palace is converted as tourist Resort.  Stay in this resort in the snowfall makes one feel like having stay in the clouds while forgetting all the harsh realities of life. Islam pura is an other famous place on the way of Marghazar which is known for its wooden works, shoes, and blankets.

Malam Jabba

It is the only sky resort in Pakistan and is stunning tourist’s destination which is 51 kilometers from Saidu sharif airport and 314 kilometers from Islamabad the capital of Pakistan. It is beautiful Hindu Kush Mountain Range. Roads toward Malam Jabba are safe and beautiful.   for summer sports and adventure travel it is the stunning destination in Pakistan. Skiers all oner the world visit the manal Jabba every summer when Alpine Ski World Cup is held so it is also called skier’s paradise.  It is reflected as a model place to boost the tourism business in Pakistan and offers all kinds of facilities for winter sporting.

Saidu Sharif

Saidu Sharif is the executive center of Swat providing all the services for the locals as well as for the tourists. Saidu Baba was prominent leader so this city was named saidu sharif in relevant with his name. Air port of Saisu Sharif provides the flight services from Islamabad the capital of Pakistan to Saidu Sharif. Museum of Swat exhibits the rich antiques of Gandhara art and different Buddhist Statues. Tomb of Saidu Sharif and Royal palace are stunning tourist’s destinations of Saidu Sharif

Mahudand Lake

Mahudand lake is the gorgeous destination of Swat which is located in Usho Valley at the distance of 35 kilometers from Kalam. It is surrounded by Meadows Mountains and dense forests and its banks are covered by pines and pastures that work as a camping site in the summer. Trout fish of this lake is very tasty. In winter this lake is freezes. Springs of the Hindu Kush Mountain and melting glaciers feed the Mahodand Lake and finally this lake becomes the part of Swat River

Fizaghat Park

Fizaghat Park is stunning destination and is located in the area of Mingora in Pakistan situated on the bank of the Swat River at Fizagat. This beautiful park was established in 1984. This beautiful park was rehabilitated in 2012 because its some parts were damaged in flood of 2010.  Great hotel of Fizaghat is constructed at Banks of Swat river in the mountain ranges of Swat valley. This Hotel serves the Pakistani and Chinies food.

Kundol Lake

Kundol lake is located at the distance of 20.8 km from Kalam and is located in the north of Utror Valley.  There are thick blanket of vegetation on the mountains around that enhances the beauty of the lake. Trekkers uses the margins of Kundol lake for camping during summer season.  There are larger number of  picturesque spots, lush green forests, and gushing waterfalls that welcomes the tourists warmly.

Neelum Valley

Kaghan Valley

Hunza Valley





Mohenjo Daro

Northern Areas of Pakistan

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