Indonesia is a country which have 6000 inhabited islands out of 18330 and  167 active volcanoes which are more than any other country. Indonesia has most wonderful and beautiful beaches and locations of the world to visit. Indonesia also has the area which have larger forests of the world. scuba diving and snorkeling spots are main attractions of the Indonesia which attract a large number of the tourists of the world this wondering land. Most attractive most beautiful and most visiting places of the Indonesia are

  • Bali 
  • Raja Ampat Islands
  • Tanjung Puting National Park
  • Flores Island 
  • Torajaland
  • Bukit Lawang 
  • Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park
  • Lombok
  • Komodo National Park
  • Yogyakarta


This is the travelling award winning destination and one of the most popular island of the world which attract a large number of the tourists to travel and make their time and memories unforgettable. behavior of  People of Bali is friendly and culture is magnificent which is infused with spirituality so it is considered as one of the best destination to spend holidays with families or  for the honeymoon tour. Beaches of the Bali have world class hotels luxury resorts. Kuta, Seminyak and Jimbaran are most famous beaches which welcome visitors offering luxury facilities of the great hotels and villas. these points also offer most of Bali’s exciting surf spots. Sanur, Nusa Dua and the remote coast of Candidasa are the destinations which are considered hidden beauty of the world and without visiting these locations Indonesian tour remains uncompleted. east and northern regions of the Bali provide find some world-class diving spots with calm bays.  Center of the most islands of the Bali are most beautiful and some are consider better than beaches  which provide grate valleys, forested rivers and flowing rice fields. Ubud town In Ubud district is a historical place which is famous for ancient temples  and is very beautiful destination of Bali and provide internal pleasure to its visitors. This stunning town is famous among the tourists and without visiting it visit of Bali is uncompleted.  Most important decision during tour of the Bali is where to stay.  visitors whose like and can afford the luxury life have best  option to stay in Nusa Dua which have many beautiful luxury resorts. Famous Sanur hotels are liked due to their classic style. Other famous destinations of Bali to stay are Kuta, Legian,  Seminyak and Ubud which provide best experience of Island Journey to Enjoy. A man cannot forget the experience of visiting the ancient temples built in remarkable settings in Bali which are unique in their beauty. Galleries and museums of the Bali are famous all over the world. Bali has world standard Bars and Nightclubs so a large number of people visit it to enjoy night activities.  Kuta, Seminyak, and many other areas have great shopping plazas and shopping points which provide almost all type items particularly  the great array of fine arts, jewellery, homewares and rare textiles. There are large number of foodie points in Bali which provide international menus. Ride world-class waves, Rev throughout jungle terrain in quads or off-road buggies, Conquer white water rapids, go beneath the waves to see the island’s magnificent reefs from up close are great activities to enjoy in Bali

Raja Ampat Islands

Beauty of the Raja Ampat Islands islands chain have no match ont the earth.This islands is the uppermost island recorded on Earth which have  marine life diversity around it  which makes it one of the most famous and most attractive dive destination in the world for marine life loving tourists. Raja Ampat Islands consists of more than 1500 small islands and cays. weird mushroom-shaped islets, pellucid turquoise waters, , jungle-covered islands, spooky caves, , hidden lagoons, and steepfine white-sand beaches have full attractions for tourists of all over the world.

Tanjung Puting National Park

Indonesian province of Central Kalimantan have a beautiful island of Borneo which have great attraction of Tanjung Puting National Park for the tourists all over the world. It have undisturbed natural beauty so it is best for ecotourism. A multi-day boat tours is best to view wildlife and visit the research centers and many local companies offers these local tour. A tourists can experience wildlife very closely at this stunning destination. clouded leopards, orangutans, gibbons, sun bears, macaques, crocodiles and pythons are main attraction of wildlife of this beautiful unspoiled area.

Flores Island 
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This is great array of natural and cultural sites  in the west of Lembata in Nusa Tenggara and in the east of the Sumbawa. Its Kelimutu volcano caldera is very famous all over the world. Three lakes of the Kelimutu volcano caldera fed by volcanic gas that change color which depends upon the amount of oxidation in the water.  This destination has growing ecotourism and tourist can enjoy the visit of  traditional villages in the company of local families. Main activity of this stunning destination is bird watching and trekking.


South Sulawesi's highland region is Torajaland (Tana Toraja) which is the homeland of Toraja people. Houses of Torajans are called tongkonan which are massive peaked-roof. The body od a dead person is kept – often for several years and at actual funeral ceremony it burried buried in a small cave or in a hollow tree.  This ceremony can last for several days which is usually held in the dry-season months of July and August.

Bukit Lawang 

This small town is located the eastern side of Gunung Leuser National Park. Its nearest city is the Medan the capital city of North Sumatra which is about 90 kilometers. Main attraction of this stunning destination is treks into the heart of the jungle. orangutan is main wild life attraction of this beautiful area

Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

Name of this park is combination Mount Semeru, Mount Bromo and the Tengger people. this stunning destination is famous for host of picturesque volcanoes.


Bali and Lombok are compared to each other because these islands are close to each other and have same kind of beautiful beaches and volcanic scenery. Nature can viewed closely due to fewer crowds and less commercialism in Lombok.

 Komodo National Park

This is world class scuba destination which is famous due to giant carnivorous monitor lizards and habitat of the Komodo Dragons. Guide is necessary for safety to visit this stunning destination because roaming reptiles.


It is the most popular tourists destination of Java due to famous temples of Borobudur and Prambanan. This destination offers the tourists a wide range of tourist facilities,  good shopping facilities and is known as center of education.

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