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France is the land of wonders and one of the largest community of the tourist visit France from all over the world. Every year more than 82 million visitors enjoy the France tour. France is known as one of the most beautiful country with a rich history, world-class grape producing vineyards, , iconic art intricate architecture and a deep passion for life. Visitors enjoy the best quality of food, romance, wine and  fashion in France. sophisticated culture and an intoxicating romantic ambiance appeal every tourist to visit France. Every city and every location of France has its beauty and its history but following cities and locations are most beautiful and most visited by foreigner  tourists.
  • Paris
  • Saint Malo, Brittany
  • Mont Saint-Michel
  • Espelette
  • Yvoire, Rhône-Alpes
  • Bayeux
  • Colmar, Alsace
  • Sainte-Mère-Église
  • Avignon
  • Gordes, Provence

For Nature Loving

  • Mont Blanc
  • Chamonix
  • Aiguille du Dru
  • Étretat Cliffs
  • Gorges du Verdon
  •  Scandola Nature Reserve
  • Pic du Midi d’Ossau
  • The Camargue Salt Flats


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A tour to Paris is dream of every tourist of the world so every tourist try to visit this city at least once in his life so more 30 million tourists visit Paris every year. A Paris sightseeing tour is the best option  to see the best places and best attractions of Paris such as the Invalides, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, even Notre-Dame,the Champs-Elysées, the Opéra, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Grand Palais...
Paris may be visitd with a single-day pass or 2- and 3-day Open Tour passes. PARISCityVISION shows Paris with a different angle to the tourists. One of the great attraction of Paris is visiting Paris by boat which provide unforgettable experience and great pleasure to its visitors. At night Paris becomes a magical city because it is the city of lights which can easily seduce even the most seasoned travelers. This city has a rich culture, great wine and a lot of history . Paris is also a foodie paradise because of  street food, dining restaurants and brasseries.

Saint Malo, Brittany

It has Fort National and the Malo Cathedral for architecture lovers and also appeal to tourists because of delicious local cuisine, historical ambiance and fresh seafood. Visitors also enjoy Brittany Ferries with the widest choice of ferry crossings available anywhere in France.

Le Mont St Michel

Le Mont St Michel is a island town which is really a sight to view which is Built on an 83-meter high granite cliff. It is one of the best pilgrimage historical site to visit in France for over a millennium and has the feature of  Benedictine Abbey with the statue of the arc angle (thought to have visited the country in the 8th century) positioned gloriously at its cliff. Top most cobbled steps provide expansive views over the sea and the neighboring countryside.


Castle with many traditional houses provide extraordinary beauty to Espelette. pepper festival is the biggest activity of Espelette which is held in last week of October which is best time to visit Espelette.

Yvoire, Rhône-Alpes

the vast shores of Lake Geneva, countless flowers and fruits, fascinating historical architecture, a vast maze of cobblestone streets, a “back-in-time” atmosphere and a lovely garden make this 14th-century medieval town one of the most beautiful places to visit in France.


Bayeux is one of the best historical places in france.  Museum of Bayeux gives close look into the history of France. each piece of museum is round about football ground size and has some of the largest part intricately embellished and fresh-looking tapestry you’ll ever see. famous product of Bayeux is delicious French pastries which are used and like all over France. gorgeous cathedral is an other stunning visiting point of Bayeux.

Colmar, Alsace

Colmar is situated near the German Border and is great combination of Romance and History. architecture, food, traditions and language of Colmar under the influence of French and German because it has been handed forth and back between the French and the Germans for almost 1000 years.


Sainte-Mère-Église was the earliest town to be liberated by the Allied Forces on D-Day and is one of the historical places of France. Visitors visit the Sainte-Mère-Église through out the year But tourism in this town is at its peak at D-day anniversary. in 2019 D-day will celebrated 6th June.


There are only few cities in the world which have 4 million tourists every year and Avignon is one of them. It is one of the top most popular historical places and its historical starts from  early 6th century BC. This is UNESCO world heritage site. It features the unique Palace of the Popes. Now a days It is identified for hosting the major annual arts festival in France. Avignon is also famous for world-class restaurants, a medieval bridge, open squares, leafy plazas and endlessly charming old town.

Gordes, Provence

It is an ideal and one of the best places of the world to visit because of its food, wine, history and medieval architecture. In spring season  Gordes welcomes visitors with an amazing wine festival and in early August with an almond festival.
For Natural beauty loving


it is the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is famous for its wines and food.  It is liked  by every tourist due to  , gourmet wining and dining, historical monuments, and plenty of little markets. Visitors can enjoy their tours at the Jardin Public, Grand Theatre, Water Mirror and vineyards.


Rocamadour is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is located on the eastern edge of the area, across the border from the Dordogne into the Lot department. More than 1 million visitors visit this small town yearly.


Lille is one of the most stunning point of France situated at the border of  Belgium and is famous in tourists to spend a long weekend.  Visit of this historical place is cheaper than other places like France. Biggest Flea market of Europe is arranged at Braderie de Lille in September. It is famous as great foodie point.

For Nature Loving

France is one of the best places of the world for nature loving people because  it has outstanding place to visit if you want to practice natural world. It welcomes to the tourists with towering powder-white peaks, deepest gorges, hilly interior, and  jagged coastline .

Mont Blanc

it is known as one of deadliest peaks in the world due to tunnel fires,  skiing fatalities, plane crashes and avalanches. This mountain separate France from  Italy because it is located at the border of both and is the tallest mountain found in Western Europe. It is almost 4,810 meter high and its snowy peaks Attract the visitors


In winter of 1924 this city hosted Olympics so it was rebuilt for tourism. In winter this city is skiers’ paradise while in summer it is hikers’ heaven. Warm cup of coffee and wine of Chamonix is famous all over the France in winter.

Aiguille du Dr

It is located within the Mont Blanc mountain series, this relatively small peak (at 3,750 meters high) is still an inspiring view to observe. With its steel grey stonework rock expression and rough peaks, this mountain has been a frightening challenge for mountaineers since its first summit in 1878.

Étretat Cliffs

It is famous among  artists, painters and writers for centuries. It is located in northwestern region of Normandy. Visitor like arches and jagged “needles” jut out of the Atlantic Ocean. Visitor can enjoy swimming in nearby pebble beach.

Gorges du Verdon

This place is a magnificent place for rock climbing, rafting, swimming, fly fishing and paragliding. This gorge is known as one the most beautiful gorge in Europe. A large number of tourists visit this beautiful gorge every year which is located in the shadows of the French Alps and is for 25 kilometers in length through the Alpse-de-Haute-Provence range.

Scandola Nature Reserve

Experts suggests every visitor who loves nature to enjoy this one of the most beautiful place of the world. This stunning point is located on the jagged, red stone French island of Corsica. A boat journey from the coast explore countless coves, grottos and caves.

Pic du Midi d’Ossau

This location is stunning point for visitors who want to view the jagged peak which are probable seen from Boulevard des Pyrénées which lies 55km north of this unmistakable natural wonder.

The Camargue Salt Flats

western Europe has largest river Delta at Camargue and is one beautiful point which has pink-colored salt lagoons. This is great place to see pink flamingos as well as (white) Camargue horses.

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