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Kaghan Valley of Pakistan is one of the best places to visit in Pakistan. Kaghan Valley has key position in world tourism.This valley is 160 km long and have a large number of beautiful points to visit and to perform different activities. It is one of the most popular summer holiday spot. Tourist activities reached at its peak in June, July, August and September when ice is melted and roads become clear. Kunhar River is starts from SaifulMalook travels parallel to this valley and increases beauty of this valley. Kunhar river is enriched with trout Fish. Local community of Kaghan is simple and Friendly. Main visiting points which provide unforgettable experience to its visitors of this valley are lake saif ulmuluk, Malika Parbat,Naran ,Babu Sar top, LalaZar, Shogran and Lake Lulusar. Naran is main hub and most visiting point of this valley. Kaghan valley is the best destination for honeymoon and family tours. Other two main vallies Hunza Valley and Neelum Valley which are known as Heaven on the earth are nearest to Kaghan valley and visitors must visit these stunning destinations.


Naran is one of the best places to visit in Pakistan and one of most beautiful destination of Pakistan which is located in upper Kaghan 119 km from Mansehra city and its tehsil is Bala kot. Mansehra is district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa which is province of Pakistan.  Naran is at 7888 feet above sea level and is central tourism part of Kaghan Valley. There are more than 100 hotels of different categories to accommodate visitors all types. There is also a youth hostel of 60 beds capacity. Naran is also last town of Mansehra. Babusar top is 70 km from Naran which is an important point of CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor). Roads to Naran become clear in April and remain open till late December. In June, July August, and September tourism remain at its peak in Naran. One of the most beautiful lakes of Pakistan lake Saif-ul-Malook is situated in Naran. There are many romantic stories about this lake. There are many beautiful destinations around Naran some of them are Kaghan, Shogran, Lala Zar and Ansu Lake. Kunhar River increases the beauty of Naran and surrounding areas. A most beautiful lake of Pakistan Lake Lulusar is nearest to Naran. Most famous dish of Naran is Trout Fish.


LAKE SAIF UL MULUK is key point of Kaghan valley and trip to Kaghan valley is uncompleted without visiting LAKE SAIF UL MULUK. According to local stories Prince SaifulMalook fell in love with a fairy badie uzman in these mountains so this Lake and this point is called saif ul muluk. Lake saif ul Muluk is surrounded by inspiring snow covered mountains and crowned by the summit of Malika Parbat (Queen of the Mountains). Beauty of Malika Parbat cannot be described in words. There is 10 km jeep trek from Naran to saif ul muluk. There is 3 hours walking trek of 8 km from Naran to saif ul muluk which provide life time experience to its travellers but it is only for fit people who can travel over 3000 feet. Lake saif ul muluk is like a part of heaven on earth. Scene of crystalline water reflecting   the surrounding snow covered mountains is life time experience


The highest mountain of Kaghan valley is Malika Parbat. This mountain is considered as unclimbed mountain because no one has successfully climbed it to date due to its steep summit and numerous droopy glaciers on upper slopes. Saif ul Malook side is the easiest approach to its base camp. Best view of malika parbat is from saif ul muluk when peak is mirrored on a clear day.


at an elevation of 3200m there is picturesque pasture which is known as Lalazar which is at 21 kilometers with jeep trek via Batakundi from Naran. There are thick forests of pine and fir in Lalazar which makes it scenic spot.  There is larger number of wild flowers in grassy mountains of Lalazar. There is a walking trek from Saif ul Muluk via hans Gali and Adventurers prefer this trek. There are limited accommodation facilities a rest house and two small hotels in Lalazar.


Babusar Pass makes the boundary between the Kaghan Valley and Distt. Chilas of Northern Area’s with a height of I 3,687 feet (4, I 73 meters).  Snow-covered peaks and sweeping mlleys provide panoramic view from Babu Sar Top. Avery good jeep trek connects Babu Sar to Naran. There is larger number of beautiful and memorable points between Naran and Babu Sar and some of them are Basil, Burawai, Batakundi, Ialkahd, Basal, Lulusar, Gujar nomads and Gittidas. Babu Sar is only 50 kilometers from Chilas which is gateway to Hunza, Gilgit, Skardu and other valleys of Northern Areas. A jeep trek also links Kaghan valley to Neelum valley Azad Kashmir. Lulusar is largest Kaghan Valley lakes which are surrounded by large number of colourful verities of wild flowers.


One of most the most beautiful point of Kaghan Valley is Shogran. Shogran is 34 kilometers via Kawai from Balakot with very good normal road trek. Shogran offers panoramic views of snow covered mountains like Malika Parbat, Makra and Musa Ka Musalla. Shogran offer accommodation for all categories and there are number of hotles of different categories to accommodate the visitors.  Sari and Paya is one another memorable destination which is only 8 km from Shogrn. Sri is a small lakeand is a refreshment place on the way of Paya. Paya has number of verities of wild alpine flowers.  Makra Mountain is top of Shogran which is arround 2000 feet and is Border between Kaghan valley and Neelum Valley. Only experienced Hikers are recommended to hike Makra Mountain.  

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