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Interesting Facts I Bet You Never Knew About visit of Kaghan Valley Kaghan Valley of Pakistan is one of the best places to visit in Pakistan. Kaghan Valley has key position in world tourism.This valley is 160 km long and have a large number of beautiful points to visit and to perform different activities. It is one of the most popular summer holiday spot. Tourist activities reached at its peak in June, July, August and September when ice is melted and roads become clear. Kunhar River is starts from SaifulMalook travels parallel to this valley and increases beauty of this valley. Kunhar river is enriched with trout Fish. Local community of Kaghan is simple and Friendly. Main visiting points which provide unforgettable experience to its visitors of this valley are lake saif ulmuluk, Malika Parbat,Naran ,Babu Sar top, LalaZar, Shogran and Lake Lulusar. Naran is main hub and most visiting point of this valley. Kaghan valley is the best destination for honeymoon and family tours. Other two …