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There are many beautiful vallies in Pakistan but Hunza valley  of Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan is one of the stunning destination to visit. It is famous  in all over the world as Heaven on the earth. The valley is well-known for its wonderful natural and scenic beauty. It is one of the best destinations the world which is placed between grand Himalayas and the Karakoram mountain ranges. Wondering beauty of Hunza valley attracts thousands tourist of the world to visit this stunning destination every year.  This mountainous valley is located in the extreme northern part of Pakistan in the Gilgit-Baltistan region and bordering with the Wakhan Corridor of Afghanistan and the Xinjiang region of China. British Backpacker Sociadministratorety which was founded by Samuel Joynson , Adam Sloper , and Michael Worrall visited 101 countries and ranked Pakistan at the top position due to its breath-taking mountain scenery, fabulous food, and probably the world’s greatest “road trip”. Samuel said that Pakistan is ranked at top position because it offers some of the world’s most dramatic mountain scenery and is home to some of the worlds friendliest. Adam Sloper said that Karakoram Highway is a special road on the globe which links Islamabad to the mythical Hunza Valley. There are two other valleys of Pakistan Neelum Valley and Kaghan Valley which  are unique in their beauty always welcome to their visitor and provide memorable pleasure to visitors.

Hunza is mainly divided into three main Regions

  • Upper Hunza
  • Centre Hunza
  • Lower Hunza

Upper Hunza
Upper Hunza is also known as Gojal which is a beautiful valley. Three different linguistically people are existing in this valley Burushaski speakers, wakhi speakers and dialect Domki. Gojal is subdivided into 4 regions. Gojal one is consist of Shishkat, Ayean Abad, Gulmit, Passu and Hussaini. Gojal two composed of Khyber, Galapan Murokhoon, Misgar, Gircha, Nazimabad, Hussain Abad, Sost, Khudabad and Jamal Abad, Gojal 3 composed of Shimshaal and Gojal 4 composed of Rashit, Khair Abad, Kirming, Espangi, Kill, Shersaabz, and Zodokhon.

Centre Hunza 

Two different linguistically people are existing in this valley Burushaski speakers and Domki speakers. This valley starts from Murtaza abad and consist of Murtaza abad, Hassan abad, Ali abad, Dorkhan, Shiras, Garelth, Hyder abad, Ganish, Karim Abad (Baltit), Momin Abad, Altit, Ahmed Abad, Gama Sareth and Attabad. Attabad is last area of central Hunza

Lower Hunza
Shina is main local language of this area. Lower Hunza starts from a village Khizir abad and ends at Nasir Abad. It is composed of Khana Abad, Mayoon, Hussainabad, Khizir abad and Nasirabad.

Karimabad is capital and main town of Hunza which is known as most popular visiting and most attractive destination of Hunza. Hospitality and friendliness of people of Hunza Valley is famous all over the world. May to October is best season to travel this valley because the Karakoram Highway is often blocked by the snow in winter. Literacy rate of the people of Hunza valley is 90% which is best rate in country like Pakistan. Karimabad /Baltit Karimabad is capital of Hunza valley and old name of Karimabad is Baltit. Karimabad and Baltit fort awarded in 2000 as "Best Tourist Sites of the world". Baltit fort of Karimabad is   UNESCO World Heritage site. From Gilgit Karimabad is at 100 KM and it takes from 2 to 3 hours to reach at this stunning destination. From Islamabad it takes 24 hours to reach in Karimabad by Bus while by air it takes only 45 minutes. People of Kashgar(china) may travel through Khunjerab Pass (about 5000 meter high) and reach in Hunza by Bus Through Karakoram Highway. The Khunjerab Pass is usually open from April 1st to November 31th, but closed in winter.

Borith Lake
This Lake is located in area of upper Hunza. Distance of Borith lake from 2 KM from Husseini village and jeep facility is available. From Ghuylkin it Borith Lake is also accessible by a 2-3 hour trekking route. Wildfowl migrate from Central Asia  to this lake in March and June. There is a trek of 4-5 hours to reach at Passu Gar Glacier an eye catching place from Borith Lake.

Ultar Sar
Ultar Sar is the south eastern most important top of the Batura Muztagh, a sub range of the Karakoram range. Karimabad town is about 10 KM from Ultar Sat. beauty of Ultar Sar is inspiring and have no match in the world.
Best Attractions of the Hunza valley are Ladyfinger Peak, Ghenta Peak, Darmyani Peak, Ultar Sar, Hunza Peak and Bojahagur Duanasir.
Each peak is eye catching and have no match in the world.

Trekking of Hunza valley is famous all over the world. Hunza valley and K2 The second highest peak of the world both are located in same region of Gilgit-Baltistan. Tourist can enjoy many touring treks to make their journey memorable.
Accommodation in Hunza

Hunza valley offers different types accommodation options for every class of tourist. There are luxurious hotels for elite class and simple cost effective motel. This valley manages tourist of all categories so it is popular destination for every tourist in the world. Traditional foods of Humza valley are Sharbat, davdo, muleda, diram-fete, amongst many others.

Hunza is popular for safety, Beauty, people’s hospitality and friendship. There is no security issue in Hunza. Its ATM machines accept Pakistan Rupees, All International Credit Card (Visa; MasterCard).

People of religion of Hunza is Islamili Muslims, followers of the Aga Khan. Main languages of this region are Urdu and English. 95% people can speak Urdu and 75% can speak English while in local languages people can speak Brushuski, Wakhi, Shina and Domki. Most of the people of Hunza are Islamili Muslims, followers of the Aga Khan. The beauty of this mountain paradise is matchless

Neelum Valley 

Hunza Valley

Kaghan Valley   

Mohenjo Daro

Northern Areas of Pakistan

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