Zimbabwe is one of the best places to visit in Africa and there are large number of best places to in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is the country which provide facility of to enjoy modern life as well as natural unspoiled wieldlife because it has fully developed and modern cities  like harare which has carpeted roads modern, beautyful, well furnished  and taller buildings. Developed industry working on gold, textile, tea, cotton and other items.simiralry wildlife in Zimbabwe is also at its peak. It has different national parks like Mana Pools National Park, Matusadona National Park, Gonarezhou National Park, Matobo National Park, Nyanga National Park, Hwange National Park and Lake Mutirikwi National Park and all these parks offer wildlife views from bushes to big five, crocodile and many unique species of birds. Victoria fall is main attraction of Zimbabwe which is largest screen of water of the world which is about 100 meters in height and 1 kilo meters wide. Great neighboring countries of Zimbabwe are ZambiaBotswana and Mozambique.

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is largest water falls of the world with width of 1 kilometer and heights of 100 meters and are known as largest water screen.  This falls is greatest attraction of Zimbabwe on Zambezi River, the fourth largest river in Africa and are border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. At the distance of 40 kilometers from Victoria Falls noise of falling water can be heard and mist of falling water can see from 50 kilometers which rises at the height of 400 meters. Local tribes call this falls Mosi-o-Tunya which means “The smoke that thunders”. This falls has become World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Water level changes throughout the year  and in April is at its peak while in October and November is at its lowest level. A large number of tourist travel to Zimbabwe only to view the beauty of this unique destination.

Lake Kariba

There are number of manmade lakes in the world but Lake Kariba is one of the largest among these lakes with a massive dam. Most important place to stay at Lake Kariba are Rhino Safari Camp in the north, a haunt of fishermen; Spurwing Island, a favorite with families; and Changa Safari Camp, a smart new site in the east. Most important activities at the Lake Kariba are watching elephants, birds, buffaloes, lion, elephants, hippos and 14ft-long crocodiles from a small speedboat. This location is its extraordinary beautiful with natural prolific wildlife.

Mana Pools

This is UNESCO World Heritage Site and is most important African unspoilt wildernesses. Mana Pools National Park is Situated along north-eastern Zimbabwe in the forested floodplains of the Zambezi River.  Best attractions of this site are , scenic vistas of the Zambezi River, prolific wildlife and undergrowth-free forests. There are four big pools in this area. One of them is called long pool which is the largest pool of this area and is house of large numbers of crocodile and hippos. Herds of elephants come on long pool for an occasional bath and drink.

Hwange National Park

Hwange National Park is called home of elephants. There are 200 strong families of elephants live in Hwange National Park.  largest elephant populations on earth lives in this park.  There is large number of other wild animals like giraffe, cheetah, lion, African wild dogs, and over 400 species of birds in this park so it is also called wildlife-viewing paradise. It is located near to  Victoria Falls and Bulawayo so there are wide range of accommodation options available. It is also largest game reserve in Zimbabwe. This park is known as best wildlife place of Africa because tourist experiences the wildlife very closely in this park and very generous tourist visit it in ideal weather condition.


The most populated and capital city of Zimbabwe which is also one of the largest commercial cities is Harare. This city has gold mined industry, chemical industry, steel industry and textile industry. There are historical relics and art galleries, wildlife sanctuaries and natural beauty.  It is fully developed city and has experts of every field.

Gonarezhou National Park

Gonarezhou National Park is second largest national park of Zimbabwe and is part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park (GLTP). There are 147 species of mammals, 500 species of birds, least 116 species of reptiles, 49 species of fish and 34 species of frogs in this park. Temperature is high round about 40 degrees Celcius so few visitors travel in this area.In rainy season from November to april some areas are strictly restricted. Main wildlife attractions of this area are wild dog, rhino, long-tusked elephant and rare king cheetah. Beautiful Chilojo Cliffs are significant feature of this area. Mabalauta Camping site is best for Camping.


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