Best Places to visit in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the best places to visit in Africa as well as it is also one of the best places to visit in the world. North neighboring of Tanzania there are Kenya, Uganda and Lake Victoria, in  West there is Democratic Republic of the Congo,  in south Zambia, Malawi, and Mozambique and Indian Ocean is in the east. Highest mountain of Africa Kilimanjaro and second deepest lake of the world Lake Tanganyika are in Tanzania. Ruvuma, the Wami ,  the Rufiji,  and the Pangani— are main rivers of Tanzania that drain into the Indian Ocean while The Kagera River flows into Lake Victoria and hydroelectricity potential is at its peak in Tanzania. There are great forests in highland areas. Game Parks of Tanzania are enriched with herds of buffalo, elands, dik-diks, gazelles, wildebeests, giraffes, zebras, hyenas, wild dogs, big cats, lions, leopards, kudu and cheetahs. Rivers of Tanzania have crocodiles and hippopotamuses. 1,500 varieties of birds, numerous species of snakes and lizards have been reported. Great areas to visit in Tanzania are Selous Game Reserve, Kilimanjaro National Park, Serengeti National Park  and  the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Official languages in Tanzania are Swahili and English. Short rainy season in Tanzania ia from October to late-December and long rainy season is from March to May. In long rainy season the best attraction for tourist is Mafia Island Marine Park .Tanzanian beach Zanzibar is known as one of the best beach of the world and Mafia Island is considered an idyllic and imaginary island.

June to August is end of long rainy season and weather is at its finest but visitors are restricted to main road and main parks because of overflowing of water in Parks.
January to February is best season to visit Serengeti because herds of zebra, wildebeest and buffalo travel to well grazing areas.

Serengeti National Park

For wildlife lovers best destination to visit is Serengeti National Park because great migration of millions wildebeest and zebra starts from Serengeti National Park to the Masai Mara Reserve. Visitors can enjoy the lion kill views in their mobile campus. Best time to visit this park is from December to June when Migration is at its peak but this park is visited the whole year.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Best place for hiking and best destination for adventure travel  is highest peak of Africa is Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Any fit and and healthy person can make it up without any extra expertise.

Kitulo National Park (Tenzania)

Kitulo National Park is a park of flower-clad meadows and secluded valleys which is famous for the additional 40 species of orchids that flooring its grassy areas, together with aloes,irises, geraniums and many more. Rainy season from December to April this park explodes in a profusion of colour and this is the best time to visit. From June to September during the dry season wildflowers spot the fields and glooms of blue and violet unlimited hills that roll into the horizon.The greatest way to see its beauty  is on foot with camping equipment,own food and supplies

Ngorongoro Conservation area

The Ngorongoro Conservation area is densest population of wildlife on the earth and it's a really wonderful place for photographers. It is ideal place for all species of wildlife especially for rare black rhino.


One of the top destinations of Tanzania is Zanzibar on Indian Ocean and is natural trade center. Zanzibar is consisting of beautiful beaches and ideal islands one of them is Mnemba island which is ideal and idyllic place for romantic vacation.


Selous is world heritage site and largest reserve of Africa. There are great scenes of, cheetahs, crocodiles, African hunting dogs, black rhinos, elephants, and plenty of hippos. Visitors can enjoy their safari by boats in rivers and wetlands. Hiking and night drive are also considered best activities in selous.

Kilwa Masoko and Kilwa Kisiwani  (Tenzania)

Kilwa Masoko is a sluggish seaside town settled among dense littoral vegetation and numerous satisfactory stretches of coast about middle between Mtwara and  Dar es Salaam.It is the gateway for go to see the remnants of the 15th-century Arab settlements at Kilwa Kisiwani,Songo Mnara and other historical coastals.Kilwa Kisiwani is enriched with historical buildings of 12th century and 15th century one of them is great beautiful mosque which still has intact columns and graceful curved roofing

Mafia Archipelago  (Tenzania)

You can reach Mafia by a 20-minute flight from Kilwa  or Dar es Salaam. The central island has a small but well collection of high-class small houses in the town of Utende. It is an ideal place for relaxing and getting familiar with the Swahili coast. Unspoiled and untouched beauty of Africa is Mafia Island with its deep-sea fish, dive, and snorkel. Turtles, whale sharks and other species of wildlife can see in this island


Mahale Mountains National Park is hidden beauty of Africa and is one of the most isolated and beautiful parks of Africa which can be accessed boat or air.  Great activity of Mahale is chimpanzees trekking. Best season to enjoy chimp tracking is dry season from June to October  when chimps frequently come down to feed.


August to October is best time to visit and enjoy the Tarangire.It is best destination for birding but wild life like giraffe, zebra, impala, elephants and wildebeest is at its peak. Luxurious and lodges both type accommodations are available here.


Katavi is one of the top wildlife destinations of Africa. Only few visitors visit Katavi so it is unspoiled and untouched beauty of Africa best season to visit Katavi is dry season from june to November.


Ruaha is full of wildlife and is especially known as elephant home in Africa but this park is also enriched with other wildlife animal like leopards,cheetah,lion and lot od kuru. Ruaha River provides water to Ruaha during dry season from May to December. At least 4 nights stay provides life time experience to its visitors. It is accessible through light aircraft.

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