Rwanda is one of the best places to visit in Africa and there are large number of best places to visit in Rwanda. Rwanda is located in east-central Africa. Main sources of economy of Rwanda are coffee and tea production. Rwanda is bordered by Tanzania, Burundi, Uganda, and Democratic Republic of the Congo. Rwanda is known as land of a thousand hills and it provides amazing wildlife and luxuriant greenery stunning to scenery seekers at each turn. Rwanda has become centers of art and culture and even nightlife after dangerous civil war of 1994. There excellent national parks and museums to visit in Rwanda.

Volcanoes National Park (Rwanda)

Volcanoes National Park  is located in Musanze village and is best gorilla tracking point. Other attractive activities in Volcanoes National Park , Visiting Dian Fossey, One day Mount Bisoke volcano hike, Bulera,Hiking Karisimbi volcano (3,800 m) and Visiting the twin lakes of Ruhondo.

Nyungwe Forest National Park(Rwanda)

In 2004 it became national park and is huge undamaged tropical forest with great, solid canopy. Center of Nyungwe. Forest is like fairy tale. Nyungwe National Park is famous about having variety of primates, Brightly coloured birds flit and butterflies. A 50 meters metal bridge above the forest gives unforgettable  view of beautiful dark forest of Nyungwe. There are 310 different bird species, 75 mammal species in Nyungwe.


It is one of the most beautiful city of Africa and is considered as cleanest and safest city of Rwanda. It is base point for visitors of Rwanda and visitors can organize and plan their trip of whole Rwanda in Kigali because it is central point of Rwanda.

Gishwati-Mukura National Park (Rwanda)

Government of Rwanda has joined to park Gishwati Park and Mukura Park as Gishwati-Mukura National park. Gishwati-Mukura National Park is a perfect location for Rwanda chimpanzee tracking.

Akagera National Park (Rwanda)

It is the home of big fives  elephant,rhino, leopard, lion, and buffalo. Some people call it  little piece of heaven present on the earth. Presence of  River Kagera and network of small lakes and swamps increase the beauty of Akagera National Park. 520 birds species are found in this park.


Kibuye is a beautiful town along a large freshwater Lake Kivu. This town is located on hills above lake which provide great views of turquoise hued water and scattered islands

Royal Palace, Nyanza

This great palace is located within the town of Nyanza and is an impressive and enormous domed structure. The palace sits on top of a hillock provides an excellent view.

Lakee Kivu

Is one of the great lakes of East Africa. There is large number of beautiful islands in Lake Kivu and largest from them is Idjwi. Govt. built Mururu hydroelectric dam in 1958 on this lake.

Lake Muhazi

It is located in eastern side of Rwanda and is known as a flooded valley lake. During genocide of 1994 this lake was scene of killing. Most famous bird species of this lake are , village weavers , the African fish eagles, bronze, malachite king fishers, swamp flycatchersthe African paradise fly catchers, pied king fishers, open bill, yellow billed storks, yellow fronted canaries, arrow marked, scarlet chested, black lured, whited breasted cormorants, cattle egrets and the grey crowned cranes. Main activities of this lake are bird watching, fishing, as well as boating.


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