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Ethiopia is country of Africa and has a list of the best places to visit in Africa as well as it also has the best places to visit in the world. Ethiopia is oldest independent country of Africa at least 2000 years old so it is also one of the oldest countries of the world. Ethiopia is bordered with Uganda, Kenya,  Somalia and  Sudan. Ethiopian culture is one of the ancient cultures of the world. Top attractions of Ethiopia are wonderful weather with Unbelievable wildlife, amazing tribal people and appealing food. Ethiopia is a land of beautiful rivers,  , grasslands, lowlands and Rocky Mountains. It provides life time experience to its visitors.

Babile Elephant Sanctuary

This national park was establish in 1970 to protect the population of elephants. An assessed 200 elephants live in Babile, moving seasonally between the Erer and Gobelle river valleys. The Ideal time to visit Babile Elephant Sanctuary is the late rainy period (June to September) when the elephants typically collect in the Upper Erer Valley about 40km from Harar. Its largest part is lowlands have dense shrub and tree savannah. Famous  mammals of this park are the Black-maned lion, Leopard, Papio hamadryas, the Hamadryas Baboon, Menelik’s bushbuck,  Soemmerring’s Gazelle and greater and lesser kudu. Almost 227 bird species includes the endemic Salvadori’s serine are found in this area

Rift Valley Lakes  ( Ethiopia)

Rift Valley Lakes are some of the largest, deepest and hoariest lakes in the world.Some of them are of freshwater and others are alkaline "soda lakes".  There are 800 cichlid fish species that live in Rift Valley Lakes. Major lakes of this valley are
Lake Abaya
Lake Chamo
Lake Awassa
Lake Ziway
Lake Abiata
Lake Abaya was initially known as Lake Margherita, and this red colour is nourished on the northern shore by the Bilate River.
In the south of Lake Abaya there is Lake Chamo which is protected by the Nechisar National Park. There is no outlet of this lake but in case of over flow it fed Sagan River. This blue color lake have hippo. and crocodiles.
Lake Awassa is the freshwater lake which does not have a visible outlet; the water must leave through a subterranean outlet. A night stay of this lake provides internal pleasure to a visitor.

Simien Mountains ( Ethiopia)

Simien Mountains National Park was Established in 1969 which is located in the far north of the Ethiopia and is UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors who want to view the rare wildlife must visit this national park. This park is visited throughout the year. It is home of several incredibly rare animals in which most common are
Ethiopian wolf (also known as the Simien fox),
Walia ibex
Gelada monkey
Other common animal of this park are
Anubis and hamadryas baboons,
Klipspringer antelope
Golden jackal
Important 130 bird species have been recorded with 16 endemic species have been recorded in this park. This park is also paradise of hikers.
Buyit Ras to Chenek camp is a great and most popular hiking trek which is about 35 miles long. Jinbar Waterfall and the famous Imet Gogo are most popular attractions of visitors
Other popular treks are

  • Debark - Chenek - Debark it is about  30 miles (48 kilometers) 
  • Sankaber - Adi Arkay  This route covers 53 miles (85 kilometers)
  • Buyit Ras - Adi Arkay it is  96 miles (155 kilometers) 11 days trekBlue

 Nile Falls

Blue Nile Falls Are one of the best tourist attractions is Ethiopia which provide great opportunity to view the Nile at peak of its beauty. In local language these falls are called as “Tis Issat” which are located on the upper course of the Nile River. In rainy season it is very dangerous to visit Blue Nile Falls because a visitor has to walk over the mud which may be slippery. It is impossible to visit these falls in wet season without proper hiking footwear.

Bale Mountains National Park ( Ethiopia)

There are number of volcanic plugs and peaks, beautiful alpine lakes and rushing mountain streams that drop away into deep rocky valleys which are in their way. This greatest area of Afro-Alpine locale in the whole of the continent Visitors can avail the opportunity of horse trekking, mountain walking, scenic driving and the chances to view many of Ethiopia's endemic mammals including Semien Fox, Mountain Nyala and different bird species. From March to June and from July to October days are cooler and nights are warmer and these months are considered best duration to visit this area.This park is unique for its beauty and for its wildest wildlife. Presenct of attractive mountain nyala, Ethiopian wolf, and lovely Bale monkey makes Bale Mountains National Park  more beautiful and more attractive.

Harar ( Ethiopia)

It is walled city  located on hills and is known as city of saints and is considered 4th holiest city of Islam after Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem with 110 mosques but mostly Muslims are not agree to this idea. It has many shrines and has become a major commercial center. Some mosques of this city are historical mosques because these mosques were built in 10th century. It is situated in eastern part of country and is surrounded by Savannah and deserts. A surrounding wall with five gates was built around this sacred Muslim city between 13th to 16th  centuries. Harar is Unesco World Heritage site from 2006 due to its unique architecture which is the combination of African and Islamic culture. It is the first location where Muslims migrated from Mecca on order of their prophet. Local citizen say it the city of peace. Harar city offers excellent accommodation with clean and cheerful stay to its visitors. Hiking is the best option explore the outskirts of Harar but you can also hire a car. 

Gondar ( Ethiopia)

Gondar is an antique historical city of Ethiopia. It is known as home of many Emperors because from 12th century 20th century this city provides different Emperors and Princess to Ethiopia to lead the country. In the north of Gondar there is Fasil Ghebbi . Within the Fasil Ghebbi palace there are different compounds such as
The Castle of Emperor Fasilidas
The Castle of Emperor Iyasu
The Library of Tzadich Yohannes
The Chancellery of Tzadich Yohannes
The Castle of Emperor David
The Palace of Mentuab
Banqueting Hall of the Emperor Bekaffa. 
There are seven other components located around the city of Gondar
The Debre Berhan Selassie (Monastery and church)
The Bath of Fasilidas
Kiddush Yohannes
Qusquam (Monastery and Church)
Thermal Area
The Sosinios (also known as Maryam Ghemb)
The Gorgora (Monastery and Church) 
The Palace of Guzara.
Gondar is land of highest mountain in Ethiopia such as Simien Mountains National Park and Ras Dashen. Its Royal Inclusion is a compound of inspiring buildings with  a ceremonial bath, castles, churches, palaces and a banqueting hall.

Omo Valley  ( Ethiopia)

This valley is mostly dry and source of water is Omo River. This town is untouched by globalization and is world’s hoariest human remain and is offers sight into earliest ways of life. It is famous for body decorations such as face paint, lip plates and scarification. one of the most attractive regions in Ethiopia is The Lower Omo Valley. There are hundreds small tribes in this valley with different culture, unique customs and their own language. Some of most popular tribes are Banna (Bana, Bena), Hamar (Hamer) – famous for their ochre hair, Mursi – famous for their lip plates

Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa is fourth largest modern city of Africa which is a magical portal to another world. To welcome visitors streets of this city are paved in gold. This city has become main business hub of Ethiopia.

Timkat Festival 

Timkat Festival is the great event in area of Addis Ababa of  Gondar. It is an Orthodox Christian celebration of the Ethiopian Epiphany. It is colorful festival which is celebrated in every January almost 19th or 20th January which remains for three days

Bahir Dar & Lake Tana ( Ethiopia)

Lake Tana is the largest in Ethiopia which is about 68 km wide 73 km long and 14 meter deep. It has 37 islands most of them are sites for ancient churches and monasteries while others are colonies of birds. local, ‘tankwa’, boats are made for extensive Papyrus beds of Lake Tana. It is clean safe and well maintained city of Africa Bahir Dar has some of the finest traveler comforts in the country.It is known as home to antique churches and monasteries.The town itself has a flourishing regular market, and attractive cafes with beach views.

Lalibela ( Ethiopia)

This town is famous for rock-cut churches of 13th century up to 13m high and are and focal point for ceremonies, vigils and processions. If you want to visit history and mystery at same time then Lalibela is best point to visit. It is world Heritage site.

Aksum ( Ethiopia)

it is rest place of Ark of Covenant and is holiest site in Ethopia and is famous due to its 1,700 years  up to 33m tall and weighing up to 520 tonnes stellae – enormous stone obelisks.

Danakil Depression ( Ethiopia)

It is lowest point of Africa having temperature over 45°C in summer and 155m below sea level and is known most harsh and surreal place on the earth with active salted basins, volcanoes, a lava lake  and hot springs. It is the most poorly studied areas in the world. This is a massive spread of blisteringly warm desert with lava flows and salt plains and lakes that lie below sea level. 

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Neelum Valley 
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Hunza Valley

Kaghan Valley   

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