BEST HISTORICAL PLACES Man has the power of creation so he has created so many mind-blowing sites in the history by using his creating ability. Some creations of man are extra ordinary, heart touching and observer wonders that how is it possible to make that creation by the human being. World is full of historical and mind-blowing places and it is not possible that each place has same value for every viewer because every man has his own criteria to like or dislike a location. listed below sites are most visiting historical places and more than 99% people like and suggest to visit those places to history and wonders loving peoples.
The Pyramids at Giza These Pyramids are greatest art of engineering. Man wonders from 4000 years that how is it possible to make these pyramids. Even Today's scientists and builders are not sure that how these pyramids built but they can learn a lot from this wonderful creation. A temporary city rich with resources was made for highly organized builders…
Indonesia is a country which have 6000 inhabited islands out of 18330 and  167 active volcanoes which are more than any other country. Indonesia has most wonderful and beautiful beaches and locations of the world to visit. Indonesia also has the area which have larger forests of the world. scuba diving and snorkeling spots are main attractions of the Indonesia which attract a large number of the tourists of the world this wondering land. Most attractive most beautiful and most visiting places of the Indonesia are
Bali Raja Ampat IslandsTanjung Puting National ParkFlores Island TorajalandBukit Lawang Bromo Tengger Semeru National ParkLombokKomodo National ParkYogyakarta Bali  This is the travelling award winning destination and one of the most popular island of the world which attract a large number of the tourists to travel and make their time and memories unforgettable. behavior of  People of Bali is friendly and culture is m…
OMG! The Best BEST PLACES TO VISIT IN FRANCE Ever! France is the land of wonders and one of the largest community of the tourist visit France from all over the world. Every year more than 82 million visitors enjoy the France tour. France is known as one of the most beautiful country with a rich history, world-class grape producing vineyards, , iconic art intricate architecture and a deep passion for life. Visitors enjoy the best quality of food, romance, wine andfashion in France. sophisticated culture and an intoxicating romantic ambiance appeal every tourist to visit France. Every city and every location of France has its beauty and its history but following cities and locations are most beautiful and most visited by foreignertourists. ParisSaint Malo, BrittanyMont Saint-MichelEspeletteYvoire, Rhône-AlpesBayeuxColmar, AlsaceSainte-Mère-ÉgliseAvignonGordes, Provence
For Nature Loving Mont BlancChamonixAiguille du DruÉtretat CliffsGorges du Verdon Scandola Nature ReservePic du Midi d’O…

Best Places to visit in the World

How Much Do You Know about Best Places to visit in the world There are unlimited best places to visit in the world. This world is very beautiful and there are larger numbers of tourist attractions which appeal every tourist in this world. Beauty is shattered in different forms. There are beautiful mountains, stunning valleys, deep lakes, High glaciers, long costal lines, deserts, Rivers, water falls, Jungles, attractive islands, hard wildlife and different type seas. Every location of this world is different from other locations similarly beauty of every point is different from other.  Some people like glaciers and feel pleasure to visit beautiful valleys and hill stations but some like jungle safari and enjoy wild life.  Company of forest animals makes them happy. Some like to travel in the desert while some love sea travelling. But there are large numbers of people who love and like to visit every beautiful point of this globe. There is no shortage of panoramic views in this world …