Best Places to visit in Karachi Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan. Its population is 25 million so it is world’s 2nd most populous city with the area of over 3,527 km². There is lot of attractions for tourists, variety of activities and tourist spots in Karachi. Karachi is called city of lights which never sleeps. Karachi has ideal environment for tourists with beautiful beaches and stunning architectures. It was first capital of Pakistan.
Some of the gorgeous   tourists attractions in Karachi are

•Pakistan Maritime Museum
•Quaid-e-Azam House Museum
•Turtle spotting at Turtle Beach
•PAF Museum
•The Chaukhandi Tombs
•Quaid’s Mausoleum
•Frere Hall
•The ruins of Bhambore
•The National Museum of Pakistan
•Empress Market
•Mohatta Palace
•Port Grand
•Ibn-e-Qasim Park
•Do Darya
•Arabian Sea Country Club
•Hindu Gymkhana
•Cape Monze Beach
•Defence Authority Marina Club
•Churna Island and its water sports
Mazaar – e – Quaid Quaid e azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is the founder of Pakistan and …
Best Places to visit in Lahore Lahore is called the heart of Pakistan and Paris of east. It is the capital of Punjab. Lahore is also 2nd most populated city of Pakistan and is 16th most crowded city of the world. Lahore is reflective of history of subcontinent. Lahore is political center and is cultural and economic hub from previous 1000 years. Mughal Empires played a significant role by constructing stunning buildings and forts to make the Lahore more beautiful. These constructions are art sample such as Wazir Khan Mosque is unique in its design, Shalimar garden is trade mark of love, Hiran minar is one of beautiful decade’s sooner stories. Now these buildings, gardens, mosques and forts are history of Lahore, of Punjab as well as of subcontinent.  History of declaration of Pakistan is also saved in the shape of Minar e Pakistan.
Most impressive visit able and stunning destinations of Lahore are
Masjid Wazir KhanBadshahi MosqueShalimar GardensSheesh MahalLahore MuseumLahore Wagah Bo…
Best places to visit in Islamabad Islamabad is the only city of the world which is made to use as capital of some country and is model city of modern Pakistan. It is the second most beautiful capital in the world. It has vast and clean roads which are connected together like are spider web. Beautiful buildings are designed in different zones. Islamabad is greenest city of Pakistan because green vegetation is sprinkled all over the city. To keep it noise free and clean rickshaws are banned. It is well developed modern beautiful and attractive in all the ways. Rawalpindi is the twin sister city of Islamabad which is not as clean as Islamabad so always prefer the accommodation in Islamabad instead of Rawalpindi because that makes a big difference.
March to May and September to October is the best time to travel in Islamabad when the weather is most comfortable and pleasant. Travellers of Northern areas of Pakistan passes through Islamabad from April to October when ways are open and sno…